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I have a quite legitimate hate for some of the people in my life drawing group.

I realise how ridiculous that sentence is.

Last two weeks life drawing. I like that everything I do in those sessions I draw just because I damn well feel like it. Not that I don’t like working to a brief, but it’s nice not having anything to worry about.

Painting didn’t go too bad, and I did a few in charcoal pencil too.

I was feeling too damn aggro to concentrate on anything during life drawing tonight, I was informed just before I went that Christians are the most hated minority in America.

You heard it here first, folks.

Had a pretty good time at life drawing tonight considering I’m riding high on the codeine wave.

More naked people!

Finally brought something other than a pencil to life drawing.

There’s this group of girls who come to life drawing every week and pay ¬£9 to sit and talk and constantly rearrange their stuff and walk in front of the model. Today they also added spreading their work out on the floor right behind me so I couldn’t step back to their repertoire.

Why do they exist?