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Just got such bad TMJ pain I fell over and hurt my knee too. Oh, weep weep weep.

Skye: The Island and its Legends by Otta F. Swire
Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales (illustrated!)
and a collection of Robert Browning’s poetry

all from a charity shop for under £2 each!

Tomorrow I have one day off and I have to spend it going to the pain management clinic. I have a giant questionnaire to fill out since I’ve been referred from Bristol but I really just want to write “Screw you” on every page and leave it at that because I am bored to death of the stupid things.

Edit - Oh my god, this fucking questionaire. Most of this is irrelevant to my condition. I am not 80. I don’t have a back problem. I haven’t had an accident. I haven’t even met these people and I hate them. Whinewhinewhine.

Edit2 - I don’t want to do your stupid points chart. Why are you asking me if I have time to relax and if I get stressed easily then asking me to do mathematics. Go to hell.


In too much pain to do some work I really want to get on with. Fudge it all.