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Guess who’s back from their hospital appointment, has a bag full of Baclofen and is getting botox in their face next month. People who know me in real life probably thought my resting bitch face couldn’t get any worse, but here we are my friends, here we are.

Just got such bad TMJ pain I fell over and hurt my knee too. Oh, weep weep weep.

Skye: The Island and its Legends by Otta F. Swire
Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales (illustrated!)
and a collection of Robert Browning’s poetry

all from a charity shop for under £2 each!

Tomorrow I have one day off and I have to spend it going to the pain management clinic. I have a giant questionnaire to fill out since I’ve been referred from Bristol but I really just want to write “Screw you” on every page and leave it at that because I am bored to death of the stupid things.

Edit - Oh my god, this fucking questionaire. Most of this is irrelevant to my condition. I am not 80. I don’t have a back problem. I haven’t had an accident. I haven’t even met these people and I hate them. Whinewhinewhine.

Edit2 - I don’t want to do your stupid points chart. Why are you asking me if I have time to relax and if I get stressed easily then asking me to do mathematics. Go to hell.


In too much pain to do some work I really want to get on with. Fudge it all.