Anonymous asked: Hey, Do you mind if I use one of your photos for my twitter header (the Lovecraft one with the mug on it). It's fine if you don't want me to. :-)

That’s fine, thanks for asking :)

(and I’m on twitter too if anyone else is! It’s mostly for my illustration but books often sneak into the background)

Took a turn too fast

on a new running route and nearly fell in the Thames this morning. I add this to my list of ‘Oxford problems’.

It’s so cold here, it feels like we skipped autumn and went straight to freezing my arse off in February.

This is a photo of a fat spoiled gerbil sleeping next to the only hot water bottle in the house because without it he refused to go back in his cage (think trying to put a cat in a carrier and you’ll get the picture).

I’d kill a man for this doughnut. Maybe two men, if it came to it.

For every mother who ever cursed God for her child dead in the road, for every father who ever cursed the man who sent him away from the factory with no job, for every child who was ever born to pain and asked why, this is the answer. Our lives are like these things I build. Sometimes they fall down for a reason, sometimes they fall down for no reason at all.

The Drawing of the Three, Stephen King

I want to be one of those who drive their wild
horses through the night, whose torches flare
streaming behind them in the great wind
of the chase, broken out like loose hair.
I wish to stand as at a boat’s prow,
tall and set there like a flag unfurled.
Dark, but with a helm that gleams gold
fitfully, and ten men behind,
dark like me, helmets like mine, shifting
from glass-clear to dark and old and blind.

The Boy, Rainer Maria Rilke