Gabriel García Márquez (1927 -2014)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel Prize-winning author, journalist, and screenwriter, died Thursday at age 87, according to a report citing a source close to Marquez’s family.

An Associated Press report did not include the cause of death. (X)


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Some nice things

The gods by whom this kingdom stood are gone,
Gone from the shrines and altars. You defend
A city lost in flames. Come, let us die,
We’ll make a rush into the thick of it.
The conquered have one safety: hope for none.

The Aeneid, Virgil

Anonymous asked: Do you read any graphic novels? If so what would you recommend? And if not, would you ever consider trying them?

I’ve only read what I suppose are the obvious titles - Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Maus and Blankets. I enjoyed reading them and can see that works like that are wonderfully done but the medium doesn’t grab me at all, I’ve picked up a few other shorter comics in the past and nothing intrigued me enough to keep reading.

zemramia asked: Hi!! I saw a your post about Donna Tartt's book signing in UK for The Goldfinch and I was wondering if you knew what other days she will be having book signings. I tried to google it but haven't found anything. I live in New York, maybe shes only having a tour in the UK and thats how you found out?? I read the book and absolutely loved it, so it would be amazing to meet her and go to a signing!!

Hey, that was back in October when The Goldfinch was released, she did a fairly short tour of the UK. I’m not sure if she’s going to be doing any more American dates now the book’s been out for a while, although the paperback release is coming up so it might be worth keeping an eye out.

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Bother bother

I haven’t been able to upload photos for a few days, I’m not sure if it’s because my internet connection is crappy at the moment or because my laptop is preparing to shuffle off this mortal coil, but it’ll be a couple of days before I have time to investigate the matter. Bear with!

2014 Pulitzer Prize goes to 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt ›



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So long as brooks flow seaward, and the shadows
Play over mountain slopes, and highest heaven
Feeds the stars, your name and your distinction
Go with me, whatever lands may call me.

The Aeneid, Virgil