Tiny Embroidered Animals by Chloe Giordano


Kate Beaton just reblogged me THIS IS NOT A DRILL

This was such a wonderful, immersive read.

thesparkinhereyes asked: Hia! I don't know if you remember me but I won your book giveaway a few weeks back. It just arrived today and I love it sooooo much :D Just wanted to say thanks heaps!!!!!

Awesome, glad it arrived safely! :D

vegandocs asked: hey love where did you get your bedding? theres actually a whole tumblr dedicated to it ( thisfloralduvetcover ) and ive been searching for it everywhere

Ikea! I’m not sure they’re still selling it though, I went the other day and didn’t see it anywhere (I did get another pattern and three sets of bookcases though).

what are you doing

Anonymous asked: your art is on 9gag! 9gag(.)com/gag/a8bWZdp

Ha, oh once again I’m not sure how to feel about that. Any publicity is good publicity, I suppose!

Side note - I got freaked out by the onslaught yesterday and put my laptop under my bed for a few hours until I felt a bit calmer. I still haven’t answered all my emails though. 

onabeautifulday asked: Went on reddit,com and saw an image of an embroidered fawn on the front page and I knew right away who made it (I've been following you for about 5 years) I haven't used tumblr in a long time but I just had to log on to make sure it really was you! So cool! Thought I would let you know my little story :) congrats!

Thanks :) I have to say I’m not sure if I should be happy about being on reddit or 100% done with the internet. We’ll see.

Anonymous asked: Where is your white cardigan from? Looks so good ! :)

I think I got the one I photographed from New Look (UK), they sell them quite cheap and they’re really comfortable :)

My work was featured on thisiscolossal yesterday (click through to see the post), as a result I’ve had a lot of interest in my illustrations since and have been trying to extract myself from a mountain of emails for most of today. It looks like some pretty exciting stuff is going to come out of it that I can’t post about just yet.

But, for some inexplicable reason I find writing emails far harder than is normal (my first plan if I ever become rich is to hire someone to do it for me. They can run my twitter too because I don’t understand that either) so now I’m going to lie on my bed with a cup of tea and Walden.

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