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My robin tattoo (by Antony Flemming) is now more or less healed (still needs moisturising a couple of times a day). Let me take this chance to advise against the kind of text tattoos this tattoo is covering up (the other will be covered by a similar image of a bluebird soon) for several reasons -

1. They don’t age well. These kind of Word fonts are too compact to work in the long term in a tattoo.

2. You will get bored of explaining it. Trust me. I don’t even think my tattoo artist believed this until several people asked me what it was about while he was doing the cover up.

3. They don’t flow with the body properly, I always wanted more tattoos in this area and it was impossible to put others next to the text and not look ridiculous. Just don’t do it kids.

The bright side is that due to their size they’re fairly easy to cover up if you have an artist that’s experienced in doing so. I can’t even tell where the text begins under the new tattoo, and I don’t think you’d guess it was a cover up unless you were told.

Anonymous asked: How much money do you spend on books in a month?

It varies, at my worst around £50, but often less, sometimes barely anything. I get a lot of books from publishers through work and this blog, as well as getting a good discount at work, so although it sometimes looks like I’m bankrupting myself through books the actual outgoings aren’t that outrageous.

The period between when spring starts until the council finally remember to mow this graveyard is a wonderful thing.

#Flowers  #oxford  

Anonymous asked: Do you have a bookshelf tour video?

No, I’m not sure I’d even know how to. Am I meant to speak during these things? I might be too awkward for that.

Anonymous asked: How many books do you own?


Seriously though I have no idea, I stopped counting at 1000 and we’re probably looking at 1500-2000 now. I’m trying to clear some out that I really don’t want (like old proofs and seriously crappy books) but it’s a slow and painful process.