This book is blowing my mind, I was reading in the bath and minding my own damn business when things got serious and I wound up with my nose an inch from the page and all thoughts of relaxing out the window.

Anonymous asked: Have you actually studied English, like, academically somewhere? I think I read that at uni you studied illustration? I'm just admiring your obviously vast knowledge of literature, especially English classics - I was sure you studied the subject at uni! I'm thinking of majoring in English at college, but do you think it's worth it? I mean obviously I could just read lots independently - like you.. I'd also love to work at a bookstore someday, but is that doable w/o a degree in English?

Yes, I studied illustration at uni :) I just read a lot I suppose, I considered doing a degree in English but decided I didn’t want to teach and I had no inclination to be a writer (not that those are the only options with that subject) whereas I could see myself creating art for a living. As someone with an art degree I can’t really judge if an English degree is worth it, I think it’s always important to consider what you would do with that degree afterwards and if you can see yourself doing any of those outcomes as a career.

You don’t need an English degree or any degree to work in a bookshop (not in the UK anyway), just a big interest in books and some retail experience. You learn a lot on the job so while an English degree might help you with some areas of the role there’s a lot of different stuff to pick up.

Anonymous asked: I wish you would do the Myers-Briggs! I'm curious.

Oh but it takes so loooong. Is there an option for grumpy introvert because that’s probably me.

Anonymous asked: Did you have giveaway?

I did, thesparkinhereyes won a signed copy of The Fault In Our Stars :)

bookavid asked: Ooooh the flowers are so pretty!! Where did you buy them?

Here :)

If I could spend my whole life in a bath full of Lush products I would do it.

The thought of what he had done, the awful horror of it, the daring associated with such actions, formed for him for the first time in his fear-ridden life a barrier of protection between him and a world he feared. He had murdered and created a new life for himself. It was something that was all his own, and it was the first time in his life he had had anything that others could not take from him.

Native Son, Richard Wright

Anonymous asked: Did you gain many followers from that TFIOS giveaway?

I did, which worries me slightly because I fear they came for John Green content and they aren’t going to get it.

Anonymous asked: Just out of curiosity - how many followers do you have? From the number of notes your posts get I reckon a lot? Anyways, love your blog - keep it up!

Thanks! At the moment, a little over 3000. To be honest though my photos  with the most notes all got that way by being reblogged by more popular book tumblrs :)